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Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm so excited!

I should start this post on a somber note: Fi has now been gone for 5 days. He will be gone for another 8 days. I miss him terribly, I can not call him whenever I want cause he is apparently on the moon. We IM, we email, he calls a few times a day. I miss his hugs and how every morning when I leave the house for work or for a run, he tells me I'm adorable. I miss getting tucked in a night and when he brings me a bottle of water. I miss his cooking and his lovin'.

Now on to our regularly scheduled post:

I am so excited! Fi has been gone for 5 days! WOOT! I've been living it up, let me tell you! I go to bed at 9:00pm without anyone teasing me! I called 10 times for "Last Comic Standing" last night and no one made fun of me. I ate dinner (can you call a pound of brie dinner?) in my skivvies, on the couch at 8:30 and no one said a damn thinking about it!

I am looking forward to this weekend, except for a run on Saturday morning, I have no where to be. I am going to veg out, do some wedding details, eat decadant food and just enjoy the silence.

I am a solitary creature by nature. If it weren't for Fi, I'd be living a life of solitude. I was never really a girl who figured she'd be married until Fi walked into my life. We've been living together for 4 years, before that I had been living on my own for a while, no roommates, just me. Don't get me wrong, I truly appreciate Fi as a life partner, it is nice and comforting knowing that there is someone to chip in around the house and someone to help cook dinner. Someone just to be with.

However, for these last 5 days and for the next 8, I will be happy to return to me. I don't know if someone famous or wise said this but I find great importance in being able to be by yourself. I think everyone should be able to sit, meditate, just be with themselves and be comfortable. I will relish that this weekend. I can be selfish and eat whatever, watch whatever and keep the AC in the house at whatever I want. I am also going to take a tip from Golightly and enjoy a no electricity Sunday this weekend. One day I'll turn off the tv and the radio and focus on my knitting or on a wedding project or maybe just me.

So, blog readers, enjoy your weekend, I know I'll enjoy mine!

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Anonymous said...

oh my I'm the same way - split that I miss my boyfriend so much and all the things we do together and that he does for me BUT...that said, I sure know how to enjoy it to its fullest by watching the dumbest TV shows ever and eating what I want. Hallelujah to that! Hope you had a great no electricity Sunday :)