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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Inspiration Boards

Like many brides I have made a handful of inspiration boards. They are extremely helpful to put all your visual ideas and cues in one place, to get a continuity for the day.

Here is my latest and greatest inspiration board. I am really proud of this board. One reason I love this board is out of the 17 pictures, only 2 images or still "inspiration" the other 15 are reality! (click to enlarge)

Top Row: Paper flower from Mexico, invitation teaser, tux, my std, Fi boutonniere
Second row: JCrew BM dress, my earrings, the Z, dessert, our cake topper
third row: more flowers from Mexico, flowers made by me and my ladies, my shoes
bottom row: a piper, my bling, Z backyard, my bouquet (minus the succulents)

We only need to secure a tux and the bridesmaids need to purchase their dresses. I still have flowers to make, invitations to mail and details to attend to, but this board is MY wedding. wow! I love the life, color and fun in this board. Obviously there are plenty of things not included on this board (how do you express a ceremony in a photo?) that I haven't addressed on this blog (there will be a few surprises the day of!) but this is my wedding!


Blablover5 said...

The pop of the colors is just gorgeous. Though I am a bit biased to anything with a pretty green.

Anonymous said...

I am so loving the green. Whoo hoo that your inspriration is reality ;)

Anonymous said...

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