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Friday, July 18, 2008

Invitation Teaser

The wonderful Mrs. Corn aka Miriam from LimoncelloSTYLE is making my invitations right now! I'll provide a full vendor review later, but I will say Miriam has been an absolute joy to work with. And for a girl that did not care about invitations when this process started, our custom invitations a la Miriam have really encompassed and solidified our theme for our wedding and I am so excited to receive them and mail them away!

Until the guests get them I will only provide you with a teaser:

Yup, thats copper! I cried when we got engaged. I teared up when I found my dress and when I got my ring. I cried when I saw my invitations. Thank you Miriam!


Monica Surfaro Spigelman said...

Just looked at limoncelloSTYLE website. Saw a taste of style, strand of copper, gorgeous. Please post pix as soon as you can! All the writer-crafter-anything print junkie in me is absolutely salivating. Is anyone else like this? I still have a treasure of cards my parents received for their wedding, they are so beautiful. Years from now your children will look at yours and say the same thing.

Jenna said...

EAD are designing mine. Isn't the process of waiting to see the mockup so exciting!