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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Well now they tell me

One of my favorite blogs Elizabeth Anne Designs is launching a new feature today! The EAD Library !

From what I can tell it will be a well of info for brides: vendors, shops, etc.

One of the frustrating wedding planning scenarios I come across time and time again is hunting for Tucson vendors. The local knot board stinks for recommendations and our few and far between local bridal publications often feature more Phoenix area info than Tucson. Really if I wanted a make-up artist from Phoenix, I'd move to Phoenix. EAD Library so far has only one Tucson listings (in my brief research, and they one they have I gave them!) but they do have some Phoenix area vendors. I did notice that the library did have a listings for non-metro areas (specifically the south) so hopefully some local brides will get a boost from this!

I will be doing my part by suggesting my vendors to EAD to list on their site.

Go check it out.


Blablover5 said...

The Knot is terrible for Nebraska, there's one city Omaha. Yeah Nebraska's a lot bigger than just Omaha.

Anonymous said...

The Knot is terrible for a lot of things. I think their recommendattions for large cities is even questionable. There's no real assortment, not enough choice for the budget/real life bride. I see more down to Earth recommendation on the Knot boards, but even that has its own problems, IMO. Way to go you for stepping up and recommnending places.

ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

thank you so much for your post and your sweet comments! we are definitely looking to add as many links as possible so hopefully more brides like you will participate to help make the community as useful as possible. :)

ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

Also, just wanted to let you know too that today we introduced the ability for brides/grooms to publish vendor reviews. It would be great if you wanted to contribute!