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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Controversial Wedding Decision

No, I'm not talking about the same-sex debates happening or about all these wonderful pictures of same sex weddings.

I'm talking about a decision I have made regarding my own wedding. Perhaps just as shocking as Blablover's decision to wear her glasses, I have made a decision to wear my hair short! (shock and awe people, shock and awe).

I was engaged 16 months ago. I had short hair then (above the chin). 16 months later I still have short hair (at my chin). However I get asked on a weekly basis if I will be growing my hair out. Come on people, if I was going to wouldn't I have long locks by now!?!

I was blown a way by these recent photos on Snippet & Ink. Look at this gorgeous short haired bride.

These photos kind of make me want to cut my hair even shorter for the wedding! As a reminder you can see my wedding hair here.


Blablover5 said...

Thanks for the shout out.

I've known a few other friends who have grown their hair out just for their wedding and it drove them nuts. I just didn't get the point really. I've always wore mine long but I'm really not going to do anything all that special to it.

You rock the short hair!

Jennifer said...

You wouldn't be you without your short hair! Yay!