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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Disappointed Groom

For me, as with most brides, I have had my share of wedding disappointments. I've realized that the Carolina Herrera dress I loved not only made me look like an Umpa Loompa but was waaay put of my price range. I realized that I can't afford lobster or the 10 piece R & B cover band I loved. I've come to acknowledge that a budget has a place and that $300 for a veil that my mom can replicate for $7.50 is silly and just spend $7.50 (thanks mom!).

But my poor groom just had his first wedding disappointment. The beer, his favorite beer, won't be at our wedding. His beer is only sold in Mexico. In fact the brand prides itself on only selling it in Mexico, but not near the border. We love this beer. We bought this beer in the airport in Mexico City before we even got our taxi. We had this beer for breakfast (seriously), lunch and dinner. My last day in Mexico City I had tired of this beer, not FI, he had several more at the airport before we left. My Fi is one determined dude though. He tracked it down only 4 hours south of the border town we live near by contacting the distributor. He called the grocery store where he found it, placed an order. He called customs to see what the tax would be (3% not too shabby!). Then he spoke to Arizona branch of customs. Arizona is the only border state that limits the transport of liquor. He could bring in one 6 pack at a time. When he heard that news, you could still see the wheels turning. Drive to Mexico through California? One six pack at a time per person, we have lots of friends...so....

Then he gave it up. He let the dream die. He moped around a bit. He has a co-worker that will be traveling to the town in which the beer is sold and will be bringing Fi back a 6 pack. He'll save it and drink it at the reception, he'll be happy. But I know he wanted to share it and introduce it to our friends.

Its been sad seeing him become disappointed about something regarding our wedding. He has been so hopeful and excited, even when I am discouraged and weepy.


Jennifer said...

Oh NO!!!! :( This is such sad news -- you guys were both so excited last week!!

KenL said...

I'm on my way to Mexico (next week) and saw your blog post about Victoria. My wife and I discovered it in 2002 (Acapulco) and drank quite a few of these. After being frustrated that I couldn't find it in the US (we live in Chicago) and since I have homebrewed since 1999, I decided to craft my own version of it right down to the Mexican strain of yeast used to make the real thing. I have now made three 5-gallon batches of the stuff and have also passed the recipe around to other homebrewers who love this stuff. They all agree... tastes just like the real thing! There is a story of it on my brewing site... http://www.freewebs.com/kenlenard Go to recipes and scroll down to "Hacienda Lager". Cheers!