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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Help me think!

So I have changed my mind again (and again and again and again).

First I wanted easy peasy nice and easy escort cards. Business card size, names hand written with a table number underneath. Simple yet chic, no?

Then I wanted something fun, incorporating my paper flowers. Adding a tag to the flowers and that would lead guests to their table. But that got confusing.

Then I went back to the simple escort cards.

Until yesterday. I saw Miss Pineapple's post about her escort cards! Now I don't want a tree as she is using, but i love her use of copper.

Have I talked about our use of copper? My Fi's family is a copper mining kind of family. His grandpa worked in the copper mines of Arizona. His dad and uncle put themselves through college working in the mines during the summers. So we are sneaking in some copper into the details (more to come). Fi will have copper in his boutonniere. It'll be there. But subtly.

Then those escort cards came along. The instructions on the post seem easy enough, just time consuming. Do I have enough time? Do I want to do this? I could just use a copper colored pen.

hmpff. Ideas? Suggestions? Any one want to make these for me? Linda you get married soon, how about when its all done, you make these for me, mmkay?!


Linda said...

Ha! I saw those yesterday and thought that seems easy.
After next week I won't have anymore DIY projects. How many will you need?

Jennifer said...

Hee hee! I have 150...I'll keep you in mind when I figure out what I'm doing!

Anonymous said...

I am so loving the copper connection to your wedding. Great idea!