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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Off to my shower

I have a few minutes before my mom and I head out to my shower. This weekend with my folks has been amazing. A remembrance of what family is about. The last time we were together- me, my mom and my dad, we suffered a family tragedy- from which the three of us, my brother and his family too, are still recovering. It was in my parent's house where this tragedy occurred... and I have to say, I felt trepidatious about coming "home".

My parents and I have relived that tragedy together, weeping and cursing together. But then we moved on and have had a joyous time. My mom and I made my veil this morning, after my dad and I took a 3 mile run. I played with my pooch, we swam in the neighborhood pool and we've drained bottle upon bottle of wine. I love my parents and are thankful to them for their contribution to this wedding, and the union between Fi and me.

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Jennifer said...

Yay for family -- nothing better to make you feel yourself again!