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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Oh F.

I had finally reached that point when I thought I was good. I had all things coming together, things ready to roll. Then yesterday happened.

My computer crashed. The hard drive is dead. This means a few things. It means I have lost my inspiration board and thousands of pictures. It also means that my guest list is gone. The guest list that Fi and I have labored over for a year to get it to the perfect state it was in. It is gone. Yeah, I have the addresses on a back up, but not the most recent version of the list. F.

This also means that I have no computer on which to recreate my guest list, except at work. Fi is traveling for work starting on Monday. So we are going to have to buy a new laptop before Monday, or maybe not. Grrrr. Grrr. Grr.

After 45 minutes of crying last night, I think I have calmed down a bit. But it still stings and it still sucks.


Jenna said...

Oh honey! That is terrible news. Try using this free program called Mozy. It won't recover your stuff, but it will back everything up for you to prevent this from happening again! There is a free version that lets you backup up to 2 GB.


Linda said...

Oh no. This was my fear so I store everything in Google Doc now. Like the guest list and all my other lists.
I hope you can salvage something off the hard drive. I'm so sorry.

ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

oh you poor thing, that SUCKS.

Tara said...

Oh no! That completely sucks! I know that I would have been a wreck if that happened.

I am sure you will be able to pull everything together.