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Friday, September 26, 2008

Frugal me

The best decisions I have made regarding money and the wedding was insisting on putting deposits down when I did.

My caterer and our venue were the only vendors that requested I put down a deposit to save the date. Everyone else was lax about it but I pressed the issue. Not only did this satisfy my OCD tendencies, it locked me into a great rate.

My DJ, for example, has basically doubled his prices since I booked him 15 months ago. My caterer informed me that had I not booked them a year ago, the same meal options would be $7 more/per person! Between those two vendors we are "saving" $1700!

I am sure as we shell out too much money on too many vendors, Fi would not consider me frugal, but I am pretty pleased with myself!


Anonymous said...

Now that does suck!It is horrible how businesses will try to gouge a bride for every dollar thy can get!

Jennifer said...

No, no this is a good thing! I booked my caterer before food costs were high, so we are paying cheaper than what they charge now due to high food costs! All my vendors are independent folks, so I can't blame them for raisng prices as their costs inncrease, I just how frugal of me to "lock" into lower rates!

Tayia said...
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Tayia said...

Hi! I read your blog every day and I'm sorry the first comment I leave you is something like this...but TAG! You're it! Just read my post today to find out what it's about.

Dang it. I misspelled something and went back to fix it and...elgh. Now it says comment deleted by author and all that junk. Sorry.

Dana said...

That is great!!!Every dollar counts when you are paying for your wedding.

Emerson Beyer said...

Excellent thinking - I want to tell everyone who gets engaged that they have to treat vendors with military levels of authority. Even the nice ones. Like any reality show, they're not here to make friends!