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Thursday, September 4, 2008

These are the times I realize I'm not a normal bride

My FMIL has been storing my dress for ever and a day. Saturday, Fi and I are meeting his folks for lunch so I can get the dress. Then I go to my seamstress at 3:30 that day for my first fitting.

Great, that SEEMS normal, right? Its not. I picked my seamstress due to her proximity to Touchdowns, the local bar where my alumni group meets to watch football. And 3:30?...yeah kick off is at 4:00.

So my day will look a little something like this:
5:30 run
7:00- 10:00 nap
11:30-1:30 dress transfer/lunch
3:30 Mel and I hit the first fitting
4:00 kick-off for alumni team
6:00 head out to go to local college football

That's not really normal is it?


Blablover5 said...

Normal is overrated.

We had to plan our wedding around football games (I believe I am contractually required to exclaim "Bo for President!" now).

Ellie said...

It'd be better if you were having a hair trial and went to Touchdowns with a fancy updo. Though of course you're not wearing an updo cuz you got that cute short hair that I'd have if I didn't have horrific, life-ruining curly hair.

What were we talking about? Yeah, normal is overrated fo shiz.