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Friday, September 5, 2008

This is B.S.

Actually, it is IBS- irritable bowel syndrome. I was diagnosed in college, when I was under a lot of stress emotionally, trying to figure out who I was. After my life settled a bit and I became more sure of who I was, I had no problems.

Well, its back.

Not fun.

My weight is plummeting and not in a good way, I know it is because I am not absorbing enough nutrition from the food I consume. IBS is a constant battle and since I've basically been in a remission for 11 years, I have forgotten how to cope. I really do not want to go on any medications, so I need to adjust my diet. I asked my mom what I ate before and she reminded me "no salads, lots of soup". Which explains why yesterday was a banner day for me, I had a salad for both lunch and dinner!

To add insult to injury, Fi is sick. Like he slept on the pull-out, sick. I sprayed the whole house down with disinfectant and am washing my hands like I have OCD.

I hope this all passes soon, I can't imagine Fi and I living like this for the next 36 days.


Linda said...

Hey I have IBS too! And it sucks! I manage my with diet and stress relieving exercises. Stress is a huge trigger for me! If I'm stressed out it almost doesn't matter what I eat.
Try to take good care of yourselves. That's the best advice I can give.

Monica Surfaro Spigelman said...

hope D feels better and you get your IBS stuff in control. Dr. Weil recommends probiotics.