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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

sometimes he is even right!

The best decision we made (nay Fi made for me) was to cut out our quartet. I cried, I screamed, I uttered the words: Don't you want me to have my DREAM wedding?! And he did not budge. I fired our quartet and then set to work coming up with music for the ceremony.

Somewhere half way through that process I realized that by having to play pre-recorded music meant I could have Wynton Marsalis play at my wedding. I could have Patti Griffin sing. I could have everything I wanted- just recorded.

Without further ado, our ceremony music:

Prelude: Vivaldi Autumn I & III

Mother's entrance: Patti Griffin's Heavenly Day

Bridal Party: Pachelbel Canon in D

Processional: Eternal Source of Light Divine, Wynton Marsalis and Kathleen Battle

Recessional: Scotland the Brave, performed by a real live bagpiper

I am really happy with the flow and the expression of the music we picked. I am kicking myself a little (just a little) for not coming to this decision a) on my own and b) sooner. Eh.


Blablover5 said...

I think we're gonna have Autumn at ours too.

I say I think as that was the only sort of request I made. Otherwise our organist is making it all up.

Hi fiance has told me that he's boughten some music for it at least.

Anonymous said...

live bag pipers - AWESOME