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Friday, September 19, 2008

Oh Poo!

I ordered a rehearsal dinner dress in two sizes from J Crew. I ordered them form the store on the red phone (which always makes me think of Ronald Reagan). I get back to the office, check my email for the confirmation and the email states that the dresses are final sale...NO RETURNS.

I immediately called J Crew, explain to them that when I ordered on the red phone no one said that explicitly. So why in the world would I order the same dress in two sizes? (Especially since the sales lady in the store encouraged me to order both- "then you can always return one"). So they were gracious, marked my account and said that I could return them if necessary. Which was great-because I looked horrific in them. I really appreciate their effort to help me in this situation.

Back to the store to return the dresses and order a new one (right size, right style). While I am returning I have the opportunity to 1. put the return back on my card 2. Get a gift card 3. get cash and 4. Get a check? ...so the gift card is the easiest..the money is in my hot little hand in no time.

The lovely dude who helped me, set up the gift card, walked me over to the red phone and viola I ordered my new dress. It came the other day and I love it and it fits and looks beautifully.

So why am I telling you all of this? I was online last night checking my balance and J Crew had charged my card for the price of the dress, instead of using the gift card, as I had authorized during the transaction. Perhaps they took all my gift card money too.

I called customer service right away. The woman I spoke to said she would file a "claim" to be "investigated". However she could not tell me the balance of my gift card. And more frightening to me- on that second transaction I NEVER gave my credit card number. Which means that J Crew keeps it on file. (To which I was comforted "well we only see the last four digits").

The major issue I have is that I did not authorize the use of my card. Secondly, I did not authorize J Crew (nor any other retailer) to keep my card on file. Is this anew practice? Shouldn't I be asked before they hold my information?

I was told that "if" my claim proved correct (um excuse me?) I won't see my money for 5-10 business days. Really? 5-10 days! (Which is the reason I took the effing gift card to begin with, I wanted to exchange my items, and that was the best and quickest option they had!)

So J Crew, my favorite retailer of all...all I have to say to you is "Poo on you J Crew". You swindled me and I want my money back.


Linda said...

That royally sucks. I hope it gets resolved quickly.

Blablover5 said...

It amazes me how stores have this insanely stupid return policys.

Just think of how much interest they can make from cases like that.

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

j. crew has been pretty crazy lately. horrible online service and the customer service has been crappy. i'm just not pleased, but i'm still smitten with the clothes!

Tara said...

That stinks. I hope they straighten it out for you.

You might be surprised at how many places store your credit card number... most online or catalog shopping does store it. Many online shopping now ask you if you want the number to be saved but it will default to yes. And of course security is then a huge concern if they store them...

Anonymous said...

yeah, they do the same to me (keep my card on file and such) so that when I call the red phone, they only ask me to verify the last four digits to order something. I'm not too crazy about it, but I'm sure they have something on their website entitling them to do it if you buy clothes there, and it's probably in the places most shoppers never look when carousing the site. It's so hard to keep anything private these days. :( Hope you get your money back.