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Saturday, September 6, 2008

First Fitting!

Wanna see the pictures? Do you? Do you? Let me know and I'll post 'em (fi doesn't read this, so its safe)! Good news it fit!

Highlights from the fitting, in no particular order:
~Melisa (who is 3-4 inches shorter than me) trying to put the dress over my head...we were very happy when we found each other within all that dress!
~A customer in the shop wanted my dress, then was shocked when I said it was mine, until I explained, like no, I own it.
~When Jamie my favorite hairdresser, and yours, popped over to see me!
~Melisa and I trying to figure out how to get me OUT of the dress, with pins intact. It involved me dropping to my knees at just the right moment.
~When the up until then professional seamstress reached in and squeezed my boobs together, to then exclaim "Much better!" Then whisper to Melisa, "you'll need to make her bend-over to get her boobs in right". Oy vey.
~Last, but not least: the beer I drank post fitting (and the last one I drink until the wedding) and watching football for the rest of the day!


Jenna said...

Oh stop being such a tease wedding twin. Bring on the goodies!

Blablover5 said...

Love to see the pictures.

And I would have loved to see the picture on the face of the girl that wanted to buy your dress. He he he

Linda said...

Duh. Of course we want pictures. You just wanted us to beg huh?

Monica Surfaro Spigelman said...

I'm begging, even if it's not necessary.