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Thursday, September 25, 2008


Jenn and I went to the Z last night, I gave her a tour and I paid a few vendors, then we headed over to visit with my linen lady.

I brought a variety of the paper flowers we had made and we played dress up with the tables. My original choices for linens were ivory with a "honey" accent with the runners. But after talking to Amelia (the linen lady) a few weeks ago, she suggested copper runners with ivory.

This weekend Jenn, Mel and I will bundle the bouquets and wrap them, then a few days before the wedding we'll pass them off to Amelia, who has the vases and glass rocks for the bottom of the vases.

We ultimately decided to put the candles just off of the copper runners, as to not start a fire to the historic home that is my venue.

I think the copper is a great choice!

The napkins will alternate ivory and copper. I so pleased to see my humble idea of using paper flowers come to fruition and actually look good! We initially made enough flowers for each bouquet to have 8-10 flowers, but since we will be having fewer tables now, we can have as many as 13 flowers per bouquet with will only look fuller and lovelier (in my opinion).

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Blablover5 said...

I love the pop of color from your flowers.

It looks really cool.