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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

why are registries SOOO difficult?

I know not all of our guests are stupid and I assume that not all retail workers are dumb (having been one for years, I know there are plenty of brilliant people working retail).

Then why, for the love of all things holy, is it so hard to get an order right?
Why do you continue to sell the same cookbook we've received now FOUR times, William Sonoma?
Why can't you spell my last name correctly Dillard's?
Crate & Barrel why have you sent not one, but two packages back to the PURCHASER instead of to me.
And back to you William Sonoma, your reasoning- that there are too many other "Jennifer Lastnames" so that's why random people have bought stuff off our registry only for us never to receive it, doesn't fly. For the record- if you are random and you want to buy off of our registry- sweet- just send it to us!

It shouldn't be this hard. I have checked, double checked and triple checked...all our information is correct. And yet mistakes keep happening. I'm totally cool about the mistakes that are being made- but my concern really is what mistakes are we not aware of?


Blablover5 said...

It's amazing how many times we hear that our Target registry has vanished, but I can just pull it up on-line.

Seems that the stores don't want registries to work so they have to sell anything.

I'm onto them.

Anonymous said...

amen - why are they so difficult? even for us gift buyers, its the most agonizing wedding task ever. The lists are never updated, grrr. Sorry to hear about the multiple you's out there. I'd kick Crate & Barrel. You'd think they'd get it right since I'm sure they have tons of business coming from registries alone

Miss Shortcake said...

argg - feel your pain. Somehow strange items ($500 toaster, anyone?) were added TO our registry - and not just a couple - like, TWENTY. :P